why are metals called electropositive elements whereas non-metals are called electronegative elements?

An electropositive element is one that has tendency to lose electrons and form a cation.  Metals like Na, K, Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn easily lose electrons as most of them have a few electrons in their valence shell. 
An electronegative element is one which attracts electrons towards itself and is capable to gain electrons and form anions.  Non-metals like F, Cl, O  are capable to gain electrons and form anions.

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Generally, atoms can accomodate maximum upto 8 electrons in their outermost shells.

The metals have less than 4 electrons in their outer shell, so for them, losing electrons is far easier (less energy requiring) than gaining them to complete 8 electrons in outermost shell. So they are Electropositive.

On the contrary, Non-metals carry more than 4 electrons, and gaining electrons is better option for them. So they are electronegative.

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 Because metals react with each other quickly 

but non metals takes time to react

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Metalz loose eletrons and form positively charged ions therefore they are called electropositive.On the other hand non-metals gains electrons and forms negatively charged ions therefore they are called electronegative....

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 Metals r cld electro+ve bcz metals always loose electrons and therefr get +ve charge while   non metals gain electrons thrfr they get -ve charge. metals or non metals gain or loose electrons just to complete its octet 

ex:- calcium is a metal nd electroposive in nature bcz it looses 2 elctrns  . while oxygen gain 2 electrons so it is electronegative in nature. 

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METALS HAVE LOW IONISATION ENERGY:- amount of energy required to remove the electrons from the valence shell of an atom so they can easily loose electron to form positive ions and this tendency to loose electron to form cation is said electropositivity and hence metals are said to be electropositive...

NON.METALS HAVE HIGH ELECTRON AFFINITY:- they can easily gain electron and form anions and hence thgis tendency is termed as electronegativity and therefore non metals are termed as electronegative......

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