Why are plains more populated than mountains?

reasons why plains are more populated-
1-soil is very fertile
2-it provides a good place for agriculture
3-the nearby rivers provide irrigation for the crops
4-transportation system is convenient
5-communication system is very easy
6-it provides a good place for living

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Plains are more fertile than  mountain and have better agricutural condition
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plains are more populated because plains will have oxygen required and in mountains the oxygen will be less
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Because the soil is more fertile in plain . that helps farmer in farming and growing crops.
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There many reasons such as lack of oxygen, and many more. 2 Days ago I was in Abha, the only hill station in this country. Buildings in Abha are made on slopes and they are very strong. Cars have problems climbing slopes and landslides occur. The roads leading to this place are very dangerous.
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because they are more fertile then mountain and don,t slide down
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because mountains are very high and is cold and there will be difficulty in agriculture
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Plains are more popular than plains because-
1. Plains have more fertile soil for irrigation than in mountains.
2. Plains have extreme climate still it is less than that of mountains.
3. There is plane area in plains which allows it to have a good transportation system while in mountains there is hilly surface in which there is a problem in transportation facility.

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