why do we use constant e.g. K, G etc., to remove proportional sign from the equations?


Here's the answer to your question -

You see, when we see it is, say, directly proportional to something, what do we mean? We mean that if this increases, then that will also increase. Right?

  So, let's take a square, for example. If you increase the length of a side, then the area will also increase. They are directly proportional. If length of side is 2, then area will be 2X4=8. If side is 4, then 4X4=16. Directly proportional.

  So is we take side s and area a, then a is directly proportional to s. And when we want to remove the proportional sign and convert it into an equation, what do we do? a=4s. Right? So, here, we can consider 4 as a constant. Its value does not change with s and a. We can use this constant 4 to remove proportional sign from the equations.

  Hope that helped,

  Tell me if you still didn't get it.

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 yess.......this even i dont undrstnd...plz sum1 hlp

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 there power is 1

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Thanks a lot Chayanika. Thumbs up from my side.

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