why do you have to use paper or kerosene oil to start fire in wood or coal

The ignition temperature of paper and kerosene oil is low in comparision to wood or coal.Therefore, a burning paper or kerosene on wood is used to start fire in wood and coal.The paper and kerosene oil catch fire first.This fire cause wood and coal to attain their ignition temperature so that they also catch fire.

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Paper  or kerosene  oil as a very low ignition temperature if we  want to burn  wood or coal  immediately  we can use paper /kerosene oil  so that it catches easily.

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 Because ignition temperature of paper or kerosene oil is lower thanthat of wood or coal.
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 Because ignition temperature of wood or coal is higher then that of the paper or kerosene oil.

So, when we burn kerosene or paper it provide sufficent heat till it reach ignition temperature and burn wood or coal.

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Ignition teperature of wood and coal is higher than paper or kerosene oil. so we used it.

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Because there ignition temperature is less in coal or wood.Paper can be burnt easily and then when temperature is passed on through conduction, the passed higher temperature, raises a fire.

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