why hydrophobic sols are easily coagulated?

hydrophobic solutions have no attractive forces with the medium but only have charges on them due to preferential adsorption. but the hydrophilic solns have to be first come over the attractive forces and then the charges have to be removed. so, hydrophobic are easy to coagulate.

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because of weak affinity to wards medium

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Because of no attractive forces.

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These are less stable because their stability is just due to charges on colloidal particles whereas lyophilic sols are more stable as their stability is due to both charge and solvation.
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Since there is no affinity between Dispersed phase and Dispersed medium, Hydrophobic or Lyophobic sols are easily Coagulated by Centrifugation.
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Absence of attractive forcr
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Lyophobic sol are easyly coagulant because of having same charge, the main reason of coagulation is due to presence of same charges.
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Hydrophilic sols are more stable because the bonding between adsorbate and adsorbent is very strong here ∆ H value becomes negative
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Hydrophobic sols have no attractive force Only charge factor works there When charge is removed by adding electrolyte (small amount) ,coagulation occur easily.
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This is so because

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