Why is mourad conseidered to be the craziest among his family members?

Mourad was considered to be the craziest among his family members because he was considered to be the natural descendant of the crazy streak in the tribe. He was unlike his father Zorab, a practical man but quite like his ancestor Khosrove who was temperamental to say the least. In their family, a man could be the father of his son's flesh but that did not mean he was the father of his spirit too. the distribution of the various kinds of spirit in their tribe had always been capricious and vagrant. Mourad enjoyed being alive more than anybody else who had ever fallen into the world by mistake. He would steal a horse not out of malice or greed but just to take care of the animal or enjoy its company. What the world would term as scatterbrained but in actuality, he was a kind, generous and independent spirit who only answered to the callings of his heart.

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