Why is sea water not fit for drinking ?

Sea water is not fit for drinking because sea and ocean water is highly saline as it contains about 10,000 to 35,000 ppm (parts per million) of dissolved salts.

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 the water available in seas and oceans is salty. 
Ocean water contains about 35,000parts per million of salt.

seawater contains a lot of salt. When salt enters your body it will absorb a lot of water through a process called osmosis. This will cause the water content of your body to fall, which causes serious dehydration.
That is the main reason why we cannot drink pure seawater and why salt is removed from seawater during drinking water preparation processes.

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The watre which is present in seas and oceans arent fit for drinking. it is because the water contains excess of salt.

desalinating the ocean water and drinking it is done in many countries like saudi arabia, iraq , libya , egypt,etc.

but desalination is very costly. so it is not possible.

when we drink water of seas without desalinating, the excess of salt enters our body and obsorbs all the water in our body by the process called osmosis leading to dehydration.

so , sea water must  be desalinated b4 drinking

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the water available in sea is salty with is not suitable for drinking

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because it is too salty . 

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Because it is salty.

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bcoz sea water contains salt .salt is not good for us.but sea water is used for obtaining salt.........!!! 

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b'coz it's salty........ and may be quite dirty and muddy
sea creatures also do their business in there

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coz it's salty
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Sea water is not fit for drinking beacause it contains many impurities.
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Sea water is not fit for drinking because it contains many impurities.
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