why is water considered a valuable resource ?

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Water is considered as valuable resource because it gives us life and without it no one can survive. Water is one of the important gifts of nature and it forms the basis of life. It is essential for our survival. No organism can survive without water. Some important functions of water in our body are as follows:
  1. It helps in digestion, absorption and transportation of food.
  2. It helps to maintain good health as it removes toxic wastes from our body.
  3. It helps to maintain proper muscle tone.
  4. It helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  5. It helps to regulate the temperature in body.
  6. We use water in our daily activities like drinking, bathing, cooking, washing, gardening, etc. 
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Dyumna water is a very essential for human living. Without that we cannot live. As you know that we use water to bath,cook,etc.. Can you live without water? Ask yourself and then ask me again a new question>
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because without water life cannot sustain.in every moment we need water like cooking,washing etc.it is very useful for us.
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