why making antiviral medicine is harder than antibacterial medicine?

Members of a group microbe have similar biochemical process inside their cells. So, drugs that block these biochemical mechanisms in one member of the group will be effective against many other members of the group. The same drug will not be effective against a microbe belonging to different group. 

Antibiotics commonly block biochemical pathways important for bacteria. These kill the bacteria by inhibiting its growth. But the same antibiotics do not work on viruses. Because viruses do not use biochemical pathways such as bacteria and they have few biochemical mechanisms of their own. 

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Virus don't have their own cell structure and use the host cell to replicate.Thus it is difficult to make antiviral medicines

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Viruses have few biochemical mechanisms of their own. They enter our cells and use our machinery for their life processes. This means that there are relatively few virus specific targets to aim. Hence making antiviral medicines is harder than making anti bacterial medicines.

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Making antivirals is difficult than making antiibiotics because virus use our body mechanism and hence attacking them means attacking our body... that is why making antivirals is a tough job..!


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Bacteria have their own biochemical pathways and is therefore easy to detect it 's presence in our body but in case of virus, it enters the host and uses our biochemical pathways and therefore cannot be treated. If antiviral medicine is given then it damages our body cells too.

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