Write a conclusion on the topic consumer awareness in brief.

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a. In an era of profound and unsettling global change where we witness integration of economies, greater production of goods and services opening a wide variety of choice to the consumers, it is imperative to empower the consumers.
b. Greater choices also leads to many problems for consumers who become vulnerable to aggressive business strategies and got trapped by their promotional tricks.
c. With the advancements in technology, innovation, excessive competition it is important to generate awareness among consumers about the type, price and utility of the product.
d. It is equally important to promote general awareness about the rights of the consumers by encouraging consumer education and supplying information.
e. Consumer Awareness is  concept of making the consumer aware of his/her rights. It ensures that the consumers are well acquainted with their rights and duties 
f. We also need to enlighten consumers about the redresssal mechanisms and legal remedies.


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