Write a note on meristematic tissue? Draw diagram showing the location of various meristemsin a plant

mass of undifferentiated cells which are young and actively dividing are called meritematic tissues

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Types of meristematic tissues:

Meristem can be further classified based on the position or locations of meristematic tissues.They are of three types:

  • Apical meristem: They are present at the tips of stems, roots, and branches. They are responsible for the axial growth in a plant.

  • Intercalary meristem: They are present at the base of internodes, and are responsible for the growth of internodal region.

  • Lateral meristem: They are present on the lateral side of stems and roots. Lateral meristem is responsible for the radial growth of plants. Vascular cambium and cork cambium are examples of lateral meristem.

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what is the function of meristem

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In meristemetic cells have very few or no vocals it is rich in protoplasm pladstids and cell organe alls the cell wall also is vary thin so, the tissue is soft one
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