Write a story about tiger kills an Indian lady travelling through the jungle

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Once upon a time, there lived a Tiger in a forest.Tiger kills an Indian lady travelling through the jungle. The tiger as it eats her body, it notices her gold bangle on her wrist . The tiger keeps the bangle. He thought that he could use it as an allure to catch someone.Later it hides himself by a pool near a forest. One traveller comes to pool. Dusty and tired, the weary traveller strips and bathes in cold water to get rid of the grime and dirt. The traveller sees the tiger in bushes watches him keenly and is terrified to death. The Tiger instantly thought to himself, “What a delicious meal he would make?” He planned a scheme to attract the traveler.
Tiger greets him with a mild voice and asks him whence he came from.The traveller says he is a humble trader from Delhi. He says he is pious and spends time in prayer and meditation. Then as  a sign of good will. He held the bangle in his paw making it visible to the traveler and said, “Would you like to take this gold bangle. I don’t require it”. At once, the traveler wanted to take the bangle, but he hesitated to go near the Tiger. He knew that it was risky, yet he sought the Gold Bangle. He planned to be cautious, so he asked the Tiger, “How can I believe you? I know you are a beast and would kill me”.The Clever Tiger innocently said, “Listen Traveler, in my youth, I was wicked unquestionably, but now I have changed myself. With the advice of a Sanyasi, I have left all evil. Now I am all alone in this world and have engaged myself in kind deeds. Moreover, I have grown old. I have no teeth and my claws are blunt. So, there is no need to fear from me”. The traveler’s was taken in by this smart talk and his love for gold soon overcame his fear of the Tiger.He fantasizes how rich he would become and the things he would buy. He crossed pool to take bangle. He jumped into the lake to wade across the Tiger. But as per the plan of the Tiger, he got trapped in the marsh. On seeing this, the Tiger consoled him and said, “Oh! You need not worry. I’ll help you”. Gradually he came towards the traveler and seized him. As the traveler was being dragged out, onto the bank, he thought to himself, “Oh! This beast's talk of saintliness took me in totally. A beast is always a beast. If only I had not let my greed overcome my reason, I could be alive”. However, it was too late; the Tiger killed the traveler and ate him up. Like this, the traveler became victim of greed and Tiger was successful in his evil plan. 


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