write an article on the given topic : mobile phones-a modern utility or a health hazard.write a article in about 180 words.

In this modern world mobile phones have a major role to play in every body's life. Mobile phones allow people to communicate from almost any where at their leisure. Today, young, old and also school children carry mobile phones with them. Students get attracted to mobile phones because of their fascinating facilities. Since it relaxes the mind and allowscommunicating even through text messages, student's find difficulty to avoid them in their busy life. Though educational institutes ban its use, students are reluctant to avoid it.

Researchers says that headaches, memory loss, cancer, rashes in ears and fingers and even leukemia are likely to occur after a continuous use of phone over a period of 14 months. The radiations produced by the phones can affect the brain of children and it will give them the difficulty to cope up with their studies and soon memory loss arises.

 mobilephone uses electromagnetic waves for their function, and it is the major health hazard because of its radiation. Mobile phones cause many health hazards which are incurable. If the cell is in vibration mode and is kept close to the body, the vibrations or radiations may affect the internal organs near to it.

Realizing the situation, students must reduce the use of mobile phones and banning of mobile phones must be strictly followed in educational institutions. A study should be given to students to create awareness about the demerits of mobile phones, so that they can prevent the health hazards and keep themselves healthy.

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                                                                       Mobile Phone: A Modern Utility or Health Hazard?

Shakespeare has very wisely said: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Similarly, mobile phones in themselves are neither good nor bad; however, how we use them makes them good or bad. Mobiles have become a source of major distractions for the students. Young boys and girls seem to have become inordinately addicted to these sites. They are thoughtlessly and uselessly wasting their precious time on these useless sites.

Wise people say that ‘time well utilized is the time well spent’ but the youth generation of today is only and only wasting their time on chatting, messaging, uploading photographs and modifying profiles. Smartphones and 4G connections have made situations worse. Accessing such sites has become so easy that the young girls and boys are using these sites almost everywhere and almost all the time. Are we heading to only Facebook and Twitter perfection? Where are the objectives of attaining the status of the advanced country? There are so many challenges that we as well as the nation face. Challenges such as population, mismanagement of our natural resources, poverty, unemployment, corruption, pollution, etc.

Is it not an apathetic attitude of youth to lose such objectives out of the sight and instead waste their time, money and energy on such useless sites so recklessly? Will sites like Facebook, Orkut or Twitter ever help us to change the bad conditions and problems of our society and nation? The overuse of mobile has posed serious health issues. Radiation caused by microwaves emitting from network towers as well as mobile phones, eyesight getting affected due to exposure to mobile screens for hours, etc. are some of the health issues. Besides, mobile phones are also responsible for the difficulty in concentration, fatigue, headaches and sleep disturbance that can further trigger health complications

The other major disadvantage of the increasing use of such networking sites is the spread of obscenity. This is having a very negative impact on the impressionable minds of our young children and leading them astray. The parents, teachers and the government must look into the problems being caused by mobiles and these networking sites and must formulate a strategy either to curb or completely stop its fast-growing negative influence on the minds of our youth. Our youth is the future of our nation. We cannot allow this youth to waste their precious time on mobiles doing Facebook. The same time must be spent on studying, researching and developing leadership or other life-skills. It is our moral duty as well as the responsibility to lead our youth on the right path and teach them to make the best use of these wonderful gadgets to improve themselves.
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