Write an experiments To compare rate of evaporation of any three liquids available at /home, under the effect of any three factors affecting evaporation.

 rate of evaporation depends on three factors
1) surface area of liquid
2) wind speed
3) nature of liquid

The three common liquid that may be found at home are water, perfume and honey. 
Take these three liquids in a petri dish and keep them in open. 
 after sometime we will observe that the dish containing honey has remained unchanged. The dish containing water has reduced considerably and finally the dish containing perfume has evaporated completely. 

 Since the force of attraction between molecules is maximum in case of honey, evaporation is minimum in this case. Perfumes contain alcohols and hydrocarbons which are volatile and have less force of attraction between them. Thus the rate of evaporation is maximum in this case. The rate of evaporation in water is less since water molecules are held with each other by hydrogen bond. 

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