Write any 3 adaptations for each .

Adaptations of a bony fish such as Rohu are 
  • Streamlined body
  • Body covered with scales
  • Gills for respiration covered by an operculum
  • Fins and tail for movement
  • Two chambered heart
  • Cold-blooded organism
Adaptations of a bird, such as a sparrow are
  • Body covered with feathers
  • Forelimbs modified into wings
  • Hollow bones
  • Four-chambered heart with complete separation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood
  • Air sacs present along with lungs for gaseous exchange as well as buoyancy

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Rohu has bone and cartilage, steamline body, 2 chamber heart,gills, cold blooded
Sparrow has warm blooded, hollow born, wings, 4 chamber heart
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Rohu- ​They inhabit salt marshes, but they forage extensively in the tidal mud for food. Darker and rustier plummer helps them hide from predators. It is a fresh water dweller commonly called rohu fish (the Indian carp). It possesses fins which help in swimming. It has an air bladder or swim bladder which maintains buoyancy.It possesses gills as organs of respiration for the exchange of gases in water. The body is covered with impermeable scales to prevent osmotic entry of water into the body.
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Sparrow - Body is covered with feathers, which protects it from cold temperature. The forelimbs are modified into wings for flight, tail feathers act as brake and help in changing direction. It has a horny beak, pair of nostrils and an eye with a nictating membrane.
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