Write down the implications of perfectly homogeneous product in perfect competition??

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Under perfect competition market, the price of the product cannot be reduced by any particular firm. This is because the price of the product is always equal to its marginal cost of production and therefore, if the firm intentionally decreases its price, then it won't be profitable for the firm to continue the business.Also, a perfectly competitive firm is a price taker, and not a price maker in the market, that is, it sells the product at a price which is determined by market demand and market supply.

However, if a particular firm in the perfect competition market manages to reduce its price by minimising its cost of production, then it would be able to capture all the market share because the customers of its competitors will start buying the product from the firm at the lower price as products of a perfectly competitive market are homogenous.

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The implication of homogeneous is product is uniform price of the product in the market the buyers treat the product identical so they don't want to pay different price on the other hand the Seller also sell identical product not any special product( in terms of quantity quality etc) accept so they cannot ask for different prices therefore the price become uniform in the market
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