write short note microorganism as friends and foe?

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write short note on microrgnisam friend and foe

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 microorganisms or microbes can be our friends and enemies too.They help us in many things like making curd.bread,alcohol,medicines and especially antibodies to help us protect ourselves. they are also enemies because there are some microorganisms which cause simple diseases like cold and fever & also serious diseases likecholera and typhoid by bacteria,measles and chicken pox by viruses and finally malaria by protozoa which is spread to organisms by mosquitoes.

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various types of microorganisms

uses of microorganisms

harmful effects of microorganisms(you may also include plant,animal and human diseases)

amazing facts about microorganisms

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Micro organisms are both friend and foe to us as there are both useful and harmful microbes. Some of them such as yeast can be used for making cake. And the antibiotic medicines that we get when we are ill are made from micro organisms. Microbes also convert nitrogen into solid form in which the plants can take in and so this is helpful for the plants. On the other hand they can be harmful as well as they are the cause for various diseases. They can even cause diseases in animals and plants. Food and crops also often gets destroyed by microbes. Therefore, micro organisms are both friend and foe.

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