You are provided with an unknown substance A with following characteristics
it is a white crystalline solid
upon keeping in air it slowly becomes black.
it does not dissolve in water even upon heating
its constituents cannot be easily separated
it decomposes when exposed to sunlight to evolve a greenish yellow gas with pungent smell.
Based on above information answer the foll
a) Is the substance element or compound
b) Which gas is evolved on exposing A to sunlight?
c)What is the nature of reaction when the substance A is exposed to sunlight?
d)Identify the substance A

Dear Ayyappan
a. Its a compound as the elements cannot be separated.
b. On exposure to sunlight it gives greenish yellow gas with pungent odour. So its a chlorine gas.
c. The substance is undergoing photochemical decomposition as on exposure to sunlight it gets decomposed.
     2 AgCl‚Äč(s) --------->   2 Ag(s) + Cl2(g)
d. The substance A given is Silver chloride.

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