​​in triangle abc , x is the middle point of ac . if xy is parallel to ab then prove that y is the mid point of ab

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Correct query : ​​In triangle ABC , X is the middle point of AC . if XY is parallel to AB then prove that Y is the mid point of BC .

From given information we form our diagram , As :

Here , AX =  CX = AC2                                                                  --- ( 1 )

XY | |  AB 

From BPT we get in triangle ABC 

CXAX = CYBYAXAX = CYBY      ( From equation 1 )1 = CYBYBY = CY

From above equation we can say that " Y is mid poin of line BC "                                        ( Hence proved )

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pls give the answer with the figure
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the question is abit wrong . it should be prove that y is the midpoint of bc
Sorry the image can't be uploaded. But don't fret . follow  the steps to draw the image 
step1: draw a triangle ABC
step2: mark points x and y on ac and bc respectively
given: ABC is a triangle. x and y are points on ac and bc respectively. xy is parallel to ab. x is the midpoint of ac.
to prove : y is the midpoint of BC

X is the midpoint of AC    [Given]
therefore, AX=XC
​                 XA=CX
XY parallel to AB     [Given]
CX/XA=CY/YB   [Basic Proportionality Theorem]
as we know XA=CX

now, YB+CY=BC
But YB=CY  [Proved above]
Hence Y is the midpoint of BC
as we know
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