Q. In the given figure, if L1 is parallel to L2 and L3 is parallel to L4. What is y in terms of x?


since l1 and l2 are parallel so angle 1 =  x  alternate interior angleand since l3 and l4 are parallel so angle 1 =angle 2   corresponding angleso x = angle 2 now angle 2 and 2y are linear pair so angle 2+ 2y = 180 x +2y = 180 y = 90-x2

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there is a parallelogram formed by the parallel lines
we can get one of the angle of parallelogrmam by linear pair. let the parallelogram be ABCD. then that angle
DAB = 180 - x 
in a parallelogram opposite sides are equal so angle BCD = 180-x
angle y = 180- x [ vertiacally opposite ]
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