What are real life applications of Thales Theorem?

Thales thorem is used in Tiles & Painting and so on. It can be useful as paintings, tiles & many other things as such require precision & BPT helps to make sure that its in proportional. The theorem states that when a line is drawn parallel to one side of the triangle (inside it) it divides the other two sides of the same triangle in equal proportions. Similar is the Converse and it proves true.
Thales' theorem can be used to construct the tangent to a given circle that passes through a given point.

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Ingeometry,Thales' theoremstates that if A, B and C are points on acirclewhere the lineACis adiameterof thecircle, then theangleABC is aright angle. Thales' theorem is a special case of theinscribed angle theorem, and is mentioned and proved on the 33rd proposition, third book ofEuclid'sElements. It is generally attributed toThales of Miletus, who is said to have offered an ox (probably to the godApollo) as a sacrifice of thanksgiving for the discovery, but sometimes it is attributed toPythagoras.

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