CBSE Class 10

Class 10 is considered a crucial stage in the academic life of CBSE students. The pressure, the amount of syllabus as well as the impending board exams contribute to students’ anxiety. For students in CBSE class 10 experiencing their first set of Board exams, provides a comprehensive study package. This means, our study module is basically they need to become fully adept in solving, analysing, calculating and expressing. Notes provided by us are engaging and help students explore new ways to look at questions and their solutions.

The interactive videos, animations and graphic illustrations take the monotony out of studying, thereby giving students the opportunity to carve their way to successful exam preparation. The study material for CBSE class 10 is available for Science, Math, Social Studies, English and Hindi.

Refraction Through a Glass Slab
Refraction Through a Glass Slab

CBSE - Class 10

  • Over thousands of videos for CBSE class 10
  • Unlimited practice questions for exam prep
  • Over 2 million solved questions certified by our experts View Questions
  • FREE solutions for NCERT and other popular textbooks

Attributes of our Package for CBSE Class 10

  • Innovative study material comprising videos and activities
  • Sample Papers and Board Papers for CBSE Class 10
  • Excellent assessment methods including Test Generator and Live Test Series
  • Free NCERT Solutions based on the CBSE syllabus
  • Textbook solutions for RD Sharma and Lakhmir Singh for Maths and Science
  • Personalised reports and assessment of preparation
  • Assisted preparation for NTSE, Olympiad and Board exams

Meritnation aims at leaving no stone unturned in ensuring all round education and preparation for Board exams. CBSE Class 10 students can practise, revise and learn efficiently and ensure high scores in the process. Students on Meritnation can avail study modules prepared by certified experts while preparing CBSE Class 10 Math and Science.

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