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Forest and Wildlife Resources

India- Biodiversity, Flora and Fauna

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Frans Lanting is a one of the most prominent nature photographers of our time. He is a man who has viewed the wonders of nature real close . And this is what he has to say about biodiversity:

“Biodiversity starts in the distant past and it points toward the future.” 

So what we should understand is that plant and animals have been an important part and parcel of our lives from the ancient times and their existence is essential for a propitious future too. 

This definitely points to importance of flora and fauna, right? So in this unit we will learn more about the forests and wildlife without which human life loses meaning. 

But before I begin, let me briefly introduce you to the chapter and the important topics that we will be discussing.

So , in this chapter we will be learning, how and why forests and wildlife is important for us and why their conservation is essential. We will also be looking at the contibutions made by communities and government which play a major role in the conservation process.

Before starting on this chapter let us quickly revise the two most important terms when studying about forests and wildlife resources , which are flora and fauna.




So, it is the flora and fauna that form our environment. But, they are important for us as well. Do you know how they are important? Let’s find the answer in the following video.

Now let me share a startling fact with you. The late E.P. Gee made an intelligent guesstimate that there were 40,000 tigers in India at the beginning of the 20th century. At present this number has reduced down to less than 2500.

What could have been the reasons behind the rapid dwindling in the numbers of several animal species?

It is because of several human activities such as deforestation, hunting, poaching etc

But in the present scenario it won’t be wrong to say that there are a number of species of plants and animals that are disappearing at a fast rate. This has been due to a number of human activities some of them being deforestation, hunting, poaching etc. These activities have a direct impact on the environment and natural habitat of these animals.

According to …

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