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Story Completion


Story writing is a creative writing exercise.  Students are given few lines of the beginning of the story and are required to complete the rest of the story using their own imagination.

Points to remember:

1. A story does not follow any format and is written in paragraphs.

2. It is usually written in passive voice.

3. The ideas should be systematically presented.

4. Although, marks are not deducted for exceeding the word limit, a story should be written within 120-150 words.

5. Marks may be deducted for grammatical errors and mistakes in the spellings and punctuation marks.

6. Marks are awarded on the content, expression and creativity of the write-up. Therefore, special care should be taken to maintain the coherence, accuracy and fluency of the content.

Q.  Write a short story based on a mysterious phone call from the hints provided to you.

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta were grief stricken by Rajesh's death, who had been their servant for over 14 years. It was an accident which left painful memories etched on the minds of the Guptas. As tim…

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